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It looks like it was cleaned and put back into the scrubber under full lights without waterflow. Its exactly how screens look when their no longer used & left in the sun for days. The remaining algae dies & turns to yellow gunk.

The lights and the pump are controlled by Apex and if the pump is off the lights are programmed to be off. I us a virtual outlet to control the on off time for the lights:

Fallback OFF
If Time 22:00 to 10:00 Then ON
If Output ATSPump = OFF Then OFF


180 gallon, 30 gallon sump, 3 250W MH + 4 ATI T5's, MTC MVX 36 Skimmer, Apex controller Reef Octopus CaRx

Current Tank Info: 2 Barred Rabbitfish, Yellow/Purple, McMaster Fairy, Red Fin, Hoevans, Possum, 2 Leopard Wrasses, Kole, Purple & Atlantic Blue Tangs, Matted Filefish, 2 Percula Clown, 4 PJ and2 Banggai Cardinalfish , Swallowtail and Bellus Angel,
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