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It's funny, JZinCO, that plan just came to me as I was writing.

I read a couple of excellent articles on chalk bass. They do establish a dominance hierarchy but I think if they have enough room, it should work. After giving up on the blue reef chromis, this is my best shot at a blue(ish) Caribbean fish. I was thinking four or five. These fish have been on my list forever, but after I got the grammas, I figured it was too late. Now that I'm thinking about grammas again, it's a good time to reconsider them. Since they are the same size and shape, they really should be added all at once. If my previous experience with the gramma harem is any indication, things may be a little tense for a short time, then they will settle down and hopefully them and the grammas will revert to their natural behavior. The grammas should surf the current along the back wall, and the chalks should cruise along above the sand. I'll think it'll be super cool!

Someone said in an RC thread that they might eat grammas, but it looks to me that they are really the same size. I guess if they grew a lot faster it could happen, but it seems improbable. They're kind of an unsung hero in the hobby and considered very hardy-right up my alley.

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