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Fewer and smaller sea hares to catch today. Just for fun, I decided to count how many I removed. Seventy. That number surprised me. I would then guess that I've removed over a thousand, over the last couple weeks. I will count them next time too, to hopefully confirm the numbers are going down. Now I wish I'd been counting them all along!

My caulerpa is all but gone. This is a plant that grew so fast in my tank I had to prune it weekly-sometimes more. Luckily, sea hares are specialized feeders. They haven't touched my other plants. I suspect I could have just let them do their thing until their food supply was exhausted. Then they would just die off. But the thought of a thousand sea hares dying in my tank isn't very appealing either. So I'll continue to remove them until they are gone. And, I'll try to save at least some of the caulerpa to regrow in my tank. As soon as predation is removed, they should grow back with a vengeance.

The 5200K metal halide bulb will be replaced. The wife didn't like it. I was getting used to the yellowish tone, but if I'm honest I wasn't crazy about it either. To me it best resembles the golden light you get at sunrise or sunset. I also wonder if it contributed to my diatom bloom. A quick visit to lightbulbs dot com, and I found a 7500K bulb that looks promising. With shipping it was under 30 bucks. We'll see how it turns out, but on the color temp graph, it looks to be cool white to slightly blue. I think this will be quite pleasing to the eye, and will simulate a little deeper water. With my new plan to get some Chalk Bass, I think this light will really pop their colors, without looking too disco. It's funny how we like warmer light in our homes and cooler light in our tanks.

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