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I test my water at 78 degrees after 24hrs of [email protected] Test Alkalinity with Hanna Checker and Verified by Salifert. Test Calcium with Hanna (off by 100) and Salifert, Magnesium with Salifert.

HW Marine Reefer (Current Salt)

Alkalinity 8.9 dKH Hanna/Salifert
Calcium 420 Salifert
Magnesium 1280 Salifert

Red Sea Coral Pro (Tested small bucket)

Alkalinity 12.32 dKH Hanna
Calcium 480 Hanna 380 Salifert
Magnesium 1470 Salifert

Seachem Reef Salt (Tested 200 gal box)

Alkalinity 10.47 dKH Hanna
Calcium 527 Hanna 427 Salifert
Magnesium 1200 Salifert

Tropic Marin Pro Reef (Tested small box)

Alkalinity 6.6 dKH Hanna
Calcium 470 Hanna 370 Salifert
Magnesium 1350 Salifert

Instant Ocean Reef Crystals (Last bag from 200 gal box)

Alkalinity 8 dKH Hanna
Calcium 450 Hanna 350 Salifert
Magnesium 1080 Salifert

Waiting for Instant Ocean Regular and Coralife to arrive and will post results soon. I have been testing different salt brands myself after getting a real bad batch of Reef Crystals. I used them for years with success but I changed salts after these results. I also found my Hanna Calcium checker to be off by 100. I have Red Sea and API test kits on hand to verify when I have off the wall results.

Mixed Reefer 450, Lifereef skimmer, APEX, GYRE 150, Jebao DCP 10,000 return pump, BRS dual media reactor, Kessil 360 lights, Coralife Reef Salt.

Current Tank Info: Red Sea Reefer 450
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