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I have 4 x WP60 + 5 x DCT15000 + 6 x DC12000

3 of the DCT15000 are returns to my DT
2 are to create pressure for my injection skimmer

4 of the DC12000 are for my surge + skimmer feed + UV feed + ATS

and I keep one DC12000 as a spare.

One of the DC12000 has failed after about 2.5 years. The rest are working.

My experience has been good because I clean the pumps regularly. While that seems like a lot of work, it really isn't. I use muriatic acid and that cuts down the time from hours to minutes. The cost difference compared to other options for this many pumps would have shut down my ability to even be in this hobby.

I think if I had a FOWLR tank where I wasn't dosing insane levels of calcium and alkalinity, I wouldn't need to clean them more than once a year.

Failure isn't an option It's a requirement. 660g 380inwall+280smp/surge S/L/Soft/Maxima/RBTA/Clown/Chromis/Anthias/Tang/Mandarin/Jawfish/Goby/Wrasse/D'back. DIY 12' Skimmer ActuatedSurge ConcreteScape
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