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I'll toss my experience in here as well:

I currently have 2 Rw-4's, 1 Rw-8, 1 DC6000, and 1 DC12000.
I've had one rw-4 for over 2 years now, no problems. clean only when it starts to slow down. the other rw-4 is probably a year old, same cleaning schedule.

The Rw-8 is about a year old as well, but it's too powerful for either of my tanks, so it just mixes water. cleaned only when it doesn't spin anymore.

The DC-6000 is now 2 years old. Used in sump. Never been taken out for cleaning. Ever. Runs constantly at 100%. 4' head height. shuts down 3 times a day for automatic fish feeding.
It's in my small bedroom, no doors on the stand, and it's dead silent. The only time I can hear it run is when It first starts up. That's with a dead silent overflow as well.
Recently bought a DC12000 as a backup in case it takes a dump.

I also have an MP40QD, and an MP10es. Both are really nice powerheads, and have great preset programs to run. However, I can't justify the price of them when I can buy literally 2 Jebao's and get some wild water movement, and have a backup.
I plan on using Jebao stuff again when I setup my 180 gallon tank.

For the price, I'm really impressed with my Jebao equipment.

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