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I don't get why this is a sticky most links didn't work and I couldn't find any basic info for newbie seahorse pipefish info.

Water parameters, temp, flow, filtration, tips on getting them to eat, lighting. That being said the first posters links for basic stuff was dead.


Goal levels: salinity 35ppt, temp 78-79, alk 8-9, cal 430-450, mag 1310-1400 po4 .03, no3 1-3

Current Tank Info: System 1... 100 gal Zoa tank I built, 30 gal Ric Yuma shroom tank, 30 gal mix tank my sons,40 gal softie tank, 40 gal nem tank, two 40 gal LPS tank. System 2... 240 gal SPS display attached 100 gal frag SPS only tank.
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