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I am looking at automating my manual water change process right now but the focus of this tank has been minimize electricity (within reason) water volume is 2x old tank but monthly elec is down $5 not huge but still waiting for led to come down in price to replace t-5's

I have noticed large pumps in most of the setup's, my plan is to use two mag 5's to pump the ro and salt for top off and change. They would only run when the water is being pumped. The top off water is not that much so no heater in it and the water change will heat only the day before and day of the change.

To keep the water mixing and fresh, I want to just use an air stone in each tank. Is this ok?

my other question is i have noticed in the past the RO water storage seems to get slimie after a week or so. Do I have to worry about this? I normally do and it wastes a lot of water.

Thank you


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