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Originally Posted by Dan F View Post
Does anyone know if the waste water from a RO/DI would be harmful in makeup to grass? I'm thinking of collecting in a cistern and spreading on the lawn during the hot months. Thanks for any feedback.
It surprises me how many people tend to think of the 'flush' water from an RO unit as something to be treated like a harmful chemical.

I drink my flush water, & why not.

If the water going into a RODI unit is good enough to drink, then the flush water, which has by this time gone through a sediment filter, & then a carbon filter is certainly good enough to drink.

But what about the TDS??? The TDS level will barely be higher than before it went through the membrane housing, and, those disolved minerals are what humans need to be healthy.

Just don't drink RODI treated water regularly, that's not good for you.

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