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My green carpet Anemone had a gaping mouth and was not doing well. I received the specimen 30 days ago in perfect condition from one of my suppliers on the west coast. I placed the carpet in a Solanas 60 gallon mature reef tank with excellent water parameters. All of the other corals in this tank looked great including a vibrant pink bubble tip. For some reason the Green Carpet took a turn for the worst and started shrinking up in the tank and not attaching. I am trying your cure and would like to post my results; win or lose,but I am hoping for success! I am two days into it. So far I have setup a 5 gallon hospital tank and added 125mg tetracycline on day 1 as I did not have any Cipro on hand. My GF had some leftover so I used it out of sheer resourcefulness or should I say desperation. Not many people willing to write scripts for fish tanks around here. However, I was lucky to source Cipro from a local dentist who wrote me out a script even though the Anenome was not a patient Cost me $10 for 12 250mg tabs at CVS in case anyone is curious. I am now on the Cipro starting day 2. So far so good. I am taking pics and keeping track of everything. How and where do I post a thread with pics?

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