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Originally Posted by AD87 View Post
D-Nak, how long is too long though when treating? Im only on day 4.
5 to 6 days is recommended. I have treated nems for 7 days, then observed them in QT without meds for another week or so. If all is well, they return to the DT.

Originally Posted by Sparkpaul View Post
What is the minimum size tank I need to get? For filtration, can I use hob filter with flourecent light?
Since 250mg is the typical size of a Cipro tablet, I recommend a 10 gallon tank as the minimum size since it's the easiest to dose.

No filtration is needed in the tank. If you were to run carbon filters, it would remove the medication. You can use an empty HOB filter to provide water movement if you like. Per Minh's original treatment recommendation, I use a small powerhead and heater on one side of the tank, separated by an eggcrate wall, which prevents the nem from floating and getting sucked into the powerhead or burned by the heater. Since you're doing a 50% water change every day, pollutants shouldn't be an issue.

Lighting depends on the condition and species of nem being treated. For example, for gigantea and magnifica, you can blast them with light. I've used both a 250 watt halide and a Kessil A150. Both worked well, though the Kessil was better since it didn't produce any heat. Keep in mind that light breaks down Cipro, so treatment should be done at night after lights out.

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