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Originally Posted by HBtank View Post
GSP can not be defeated, GSP will survive.

Seriously. And yeah, they like to close for periods and scare you into thinking something is wrong. They fight off algae easy by re-opening, when they decide to.
Originally Posted by swiftvision View Post
Its your lucky day if it dies......which it won't.

They are a pest coral, period.
Originally Posted by top shelf View Post
Agree with the others it's a survivor. In my tank low flow/low light high flow/high light makes no difference and does well. If your that worried and want to be proactive you can blow it off with a turkey baster or use a soft bristle toothbrush to lightly brush it off. I've done this in the past and had it open next lights on. May have helped may have been coincidence who really knows.

I don't agree with this either, I purposely glued it to my overflow as I believe it will look better and more natural covered in gsp then just a big black box in the center of the back wall. To each there own though I suppose.
I have a frag of GSP from my smaller tank that wouldn't grow. It has now been in my upgraded tank for 1 month and still not open.

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