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Originally Posted by bnumair View Post
strength of the cooper depends on medication being used. for example i use cupramine. it suggests final cooper levels to be 0.5ml/l
is ur qt bare bottom and no live rock?
when i do cooper treatment i make sure that water is perfect before i start meds. and then i go as long as i can with out water change usually 3-4 weeks. unless there is ammonia issue then u will require more frequent water changes.
For this reason alone a QT should be setup with shrimp cycle method that way water changes are not required, emergency QT setup will have ammonia grow every other day and thus requires water changes frequently and failing the effect of medication.
Depending on how ur QT is setup water change will depend on that.
if its cycles QT then u can probably get away with no water change for 1 month.
if its setup as emergency QT and needs water changes regularly then u will have to do water changes accordingly and also checking and adding more meds to bring it back upto level desired.
I wish I had half the knowledge you have. This stuff is over my head, but I better get a grip of it real quick as my 75 is cycling, as is my QT. I am getting confused with specifically cooper treatments, vodka and vinegar dosing. You are da man, so I hope you can help clear some of the confusion up.

1) With respect to the cooper "treatment", is cooper being used to treat the water or the sick fish? Are we putting cooper into the QT before we add fish or only when we see we have sick fish? I am seeing people are medicating their QT with cooper along with other medications. Does cooper compliment the actual medication or IS cooper a medication itself?

2) Vinegar and Vodka dosing, what in the world does this do and how does it benefit our DT?

Thanks for any help.

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