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Originally Posted by bnumair View Post
yup ur a bit confused, let me see if i can clear up few things.
1. copper treatment is ONLY required when there is ICH involved with fish.
i dont run copper in QT till i have had the fish in QT for 2 weeks or more and it shows signs of ich. if it doesnt show signs of ich in QT for over 4 weeks i dont treat it with copper.
But with tangs i do run copper NO MATTER.
copper meds should only be run by itself and nothing else. copper treatment is very harsh on fish as is and you dont wanna mix meds coz sometimes they can react with copper and make water toxic.
when we talk about copper its basically a medicine that contains copper. i personally use CUPRAMINE made by seachem.

2. Vinegar and vodka dosing are done in the main tank only not QT. they are dosed in the water to reduce nitrates and phos and to grow a certain type of bacteria that consumes nitrates and phos. some poeple dose those instead of using carbon reactors or gfo reactors. i personally dont have any experience with them 2 as i use carbon reactor a sulfur denitrator and gfo reactor to keep parameters in check.
SAWEET! Thanks for clearing that all up. I pulled up some research on V and V which broke it down to what you had told me. I'm not going to worry about dosing DT with it, but at least now I know what reefers use it for. I am running GFO and Chato algae.

I went out an purchased a bottle of cupramine and a bottle of PraziPro. My LFS recommended dosing the QT with Prazi and using it as a "dip" for new fish even if they don't show signs of illnesses.

If I hear you correctly, I shouldn't put any type of meds in QT unless I see there are issues with the new fish? I have a 10 gallon, bare bottom tank with a HOB filter. It's cycling right now with shrimp. My DT is also in cycle process. I just want my ducks in a row for when I do start getting fish in a couple of months.

You are the man, thank you!

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