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As long as invasive species of macro isnt kept that shouldnt be a concern.

Ill try to post some pics of my system tonight. I love seeing other peoples designs myself. I searched forever for ideas when i was planning out my fuge, with little results. Who knows, it may give you some ideas.

As far as getting water to the fuge, that shouldnt be much of a problem. A maxi-jet 1200 in the sump will be MORE than enough flow if you dont have a manifold to tee off from. I MAY have 100gph going to my fuge.

Yeah, the space required for a display type fuge is the one downfall i didnt think to mention. That is the one thing that held me up on building mine for a long time. I just didnt know if it would be esthetically pleasing in a small living room like mine.

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Current Tank Info: 75 gallon display, 20 gallon sump, 20 gallon display fuge, vertex IN100 skimmer, apex, tunze 6055x2, tlc kalkreactor/phosreactor, APEX controlled LED

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