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Here's the pics that I promised. The project isn't anywhere near finished. It looks pretty baren in the pics. but there are some feather dusters, a coco worm, gracilaria, and a gorgonian in there. there are several Macro's on my wish list. They are all out of season I guess because nobody ever has any in stock.

A little closer view of the fuge itself. Here you can notice my DIY glass overflow box. FYI, I also painted the left side of the refugium so I wouldn't get any light bleed over from the main tank and vise versa.

And this is the overflow of the fuge going into the display tank.

sent from my laptop while sitting on the couch!

Current Tank Info: 75 gallon display, 20 gallon sump, 20 gallon display fuge, vertex IN100 skimmer, apex, tunze 6055x2, tlc kalkreactor/phosreactor, APEX controlled LED
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