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Angel*Fish, sorry about your mom.

I spent over a year travelling back and forth to Houston after my mom's stroke. She never regained much movement. Her body was pretty much wiped out after the stroke. Her mind was a different story. Having your mind trapped inside of a non-functioning body is horrible. She, however, usually kept her spirits high, at least when I was around her she acted that way.

My dad had to take care of her and yes, the costs were insane even with good insurance. Worrying about where the $$$$ is going to come from creates its only problems. A $1,000,000's doesn't just grow on trees and the bills can be staggering after a short while, especially after a long hospital stay in intensive care.

My words of advice is be there for her. She will need you and other family members in more ways than you can imagine.

Good luck and hopefully things will improve. Faith that she'll improve is what will keep you all going.

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